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Products and Services

Our company offers an incredibly wide and gorgeous selection of marine species, corals, and freshwater fish. They’re flown in direct from all over the world including places like Indonesia, Hawaii, Fiji, and other places. None of our organisms are caught with the use of cyanide, nor cause any damage to the ecosystem when being collected. Once our animals are flown in, we hold them for a period of at least 30 days to guarantee health, and a successful acclimation. We also manufacture aquariums and all furniture needed to any specific size and dimensions, as well as full installation. Full installations include the following:

*Desired tank size and furniture in any color finish of your choosing.

* Full filtration system (Sump, protein skimmer, return pump, heating system, closed- loop circulatory pump).

* Fluorescent lighting with automatic timer.

* All livestock, either selected by you, or us if you wish.

If this isn’t enough, weekly maintenance is offered to anyone who wants it within a 15 mile radius; and is done every seventh day of the week. During this time we clean and wipe down the entire setup, test water parameters, gravel-vac, and complete a ten percent water change.